Wednesday, September 7, 2011

3rd Birthday Baseball

At the beginning of the summer, my family went to a local baseball game.  It was a first for the kids.  We had a blast... a nice older couple gave us free tickets on our way in and we were amazed to discover they were 4th row behind 1st base at the end of the home team's dugout.  During the game someone from the dugout gave my then 2 year old son a ball from the game and later he had it signed by the team mascot.  We enjoyed hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, Dippin' Dots, and after it was all over we stayed for an incredible fireworks show.  It was truly a memorable and amazing night for our family.  My favorite part was at 11pm on our way to the car.  The kids were exhausted and my husband was carrying our son.  He was so happy in his dad's arms holding his baseball.  The whole way to the car he kept saying (in his cute kid accent making one word become two long words), "Base-ball. Base-ball. Base-ball."  It stands as one of the most wonderful moments in my life.  As his birthday approached we all agreed that a baseball theme was the way to go.  And here is the cake inspired by that magical night...

Lighthouse Anniversary Cake

A wonderful friend asked me if I would make a 17th wedding anniversary cake as a surprise for her husband.  They have wonderful memories and stories from their marriage that takes them from the coast of California to the coast of New York...and along the way they enjoyed some fabulous wines, visited some amazing lighthouses and created a beautiful family.  This cake was designed based on these memories and experiences. 

Cake board is a map of the United States

Chocolate rock path leads from coast of California up to the lighthouse

On the opposite side another chocolate rock path leads to the New York coastline

Waves, beach, grass, rock path serve as base for the lighthouse