All of my cakes are unique and the result of a combination of your needs and ideas and my creativity and decorating skills.  Each creation will be one of a kind, and the perfect addition to your event...and so good, you'll want to skip dinner.  That being said, the cost of each cake will vary with size and complexity of design.  I will provide a price and preliminary design for your desired cake within 5 business days of order request, or I can design a cake to work within your budget.

Typically, cakes range from $35 - $150 each.

Cupcakes range from $25 - $35 per dozen.  
Sizes include mini and standard.

Cheesecakes range from $15 - $40 each.

Straight to Cake is based in West Irondequoit, NY (a suburb of Rochester, NY).  We deliver within a 20 mile radius and delivery charges are included in cake prices.  For delivery beyond 20 miles additional charges will be added based on distance and type of cake.

Below are some cakes I have decorated in the past, and the cost specifically for each...

Large 3 Tier, 6 Layer, Lemon Cake with Sugar Design = $85

Small 3 Tier, 6 Layer, Chocolate Cake with Icing Floral Design = $60

Small 2 Tier, 4 Layer, Vanilla Cake with Specialty Design = $90

Chocolate Bundt Cake with Vanilla Frosting, Fresh Raspberries & Mint and Chocolate Drizzle = $35

Vanilla 2 Layer, Half Birthday Cake with Vanilla Icing Design = $50