Monday, April 23, 2012

Mom's Spring Birthday Cake

I wanted to do a simple but original Spring theme cake for my Mom's April birthday, so I turned to the ever reliable internet to help me come up with some ideas.  Pinterest (my new favorite web site) provided me with the answer.  The design on this cake is not completely original... I took someone else's great idea and modified it a bit.  

Katie Grace's Baptism Cake

When our good friends, Kitt and Megan, asked my husband and me to be Godparents to their 3rd baby we were beyond excited and incredibly honored.  When she was born our love for her grew to enormous proportions.  When the time came for her Baptism, I was again honored to create her cake.  I wanted something feminine (since she's the little sister to two big brothers), but not a classic religious cake.  After some research on the internet I came up with idea to make a cross, by not making a cross at all.  Sweet and simple. 

Minnie Mouse - Zebra 1st Birthday Cake

For this cake I was asked to create a mix of Minnie Mouse and Zebra print.  It initially seemed like a difficult task, but turned out quite nice.  This is a 2 tier cake with a rice cereal treat Minnie Mouse hat.  I also made a "smash" cake for the birthday girl that was the same design as the top tier.