Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Just for Fun - Snowman Cake Pops

I've seen cake pops around as I do my research for design ideas and inspiration, but I had not yet found a reason to make them...until this Christmas.  My family had decided to have a "Kabob Kristmas" and make only food on sticks for our Christmas Eve gathering.  A requirement for the 'kabob' theme meant that the skewer or stick had to have at least 3 items on it.  I thought cake pops would be the perfect kabob item, but needed to find a way to get 3 pieces.  Then it hit me - of course, a snowman.  After a ton of research I found very few, and very poor examples of 3 sectioned snowman cake pops.  If you know me, you know this was my challenge and nothing was going to stop me.  They were surprisingly easy...and so stinking cute when I was done.

They are made with white cake and vanilla frosting, then dipped into white chocolate.  I piped on the eyes, nose and strap of the ear muffs.  The scarf is a fruit roll up and the ear covers are M&Ms.  I'm so glad I accepted this challenge and conquered it!

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