Tuesday, July 12, 2011

20th Anniversary Cake

I have this wonderful aunt and uncle that have done a lot of kind and generous things for me and my family.  When my aunt asked if I would make a cake for her 20th anniversary party, it was simple to say yes.  It really was the least I could do for them after they have given so much for me. 

This was the first cake I ever decorated for someone other than my own children...which added a whole new level of stress.  My aunt sent me a lot of pictures and ideas, and I sketched up a variation of what I thought I could accomplish with my skill set and time.  Designing for someone else was daunting, but I really enjoyed it... and it was probably the reason I decided to take this crazy leap into a cake decorating business.

This was also the largest cake I ever decorated.  But, because the design was simple it wasn't terribly time consuming.  I think it turned out really nice and proved that I could not only do this for other people, but that minor imperfections I see go unnoticed by others...making my stress level and perfectionist nature calm.

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