Friday, July 8, 2011

Fifth Birthday

Oh, the infamous 5th birthday... I wanted to make a totally over the top cake and thought an upright bowling pin with bowling ball would do the trick. So, I talked my daughter into a bowling party and spent a ridiculous amount of money on Wilton's bowling pin cake pan. This cake almost ended my decorating... and was the last time I convinced her on a theme based on an insane moment in cake decorating one-ups-manship.

Have you ever watched one of those Food Network Extreme Cake Challenges? Well this cake was like an episode of that show... you know the one where the cake is falling apart and the clock is counting down and the cake decorator is about to pass out from starvation, stress and exhaustion? Thankfully my husband is a carpenter and he helped me rig a crazy thing made from pieces of yogurt containers and wire. It survived, and I don't think anyone was the wiser (we took it out of the room to cut it), but let me tell you - I'll never make one like that again. And, when I run into the pan in the basement, I kind of shiver a little.

The best part... I couldn't find any pictures of it. I know I took some but I think they are saved somewhere deep and dark for me to never find. BUT...thankfully my mom had a few and sent them to me...

Bowling Pin...was taller and more upright about 5 hours before this picture was taken

Oh, the back is messy!

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