Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cheesecakes From Long Ago

Before I decorated cakes, I baked cheesecakes.  I love baking them because there is no flour...and quite frankly, I hate cooking/baking with flour.  It's so messy and such an odd texture on your skin.  I'm crazy, I know! 

I have about a million recipes for different types of cheesecakes.  My favorites are pumpkin and toffee.  I've made several others but only have photos of two - plain and mint chocolate.

If cheesecakes are something you're interested in, I would happily bake one for you.

P.S.  If you taste my pumpkin cheesecake, you'll never eat pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving again...and you just might skip dinner.

Plain cheesecake with real flower decorations

Mint chocolate cheesecake with fresh mint and chocolate drizzle

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