Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First Birthday - Second Time

Once upon a time, several years after my first 1st birthday cake, I made my second 1st birthday cake for my son.  When he was born I called him "Little Man" because he looked like a tiny version of a grown man.  But after a few days that went away and he needed a new nickname.  At the time my 4 year old daughter was watching Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends and I loved how all the words were converted to bug and buggy.  One day I called him "Buggy", it stuck and I've been calling him that ever since.  So when it came time for his 1st birthday and he wasn't expressing any interest in one particular toy or activity, I knew a bug themed cake was appropriate.

This cake was fun and simple. I made a standard 13x9 cake and a batch of cupcakes.  I frosted the cake to look like grass and the cupcakes in a rainbow of colors which then became a caterpillar.  I added gummy worms and a few plastic bug toys and dug away some of the cake to look like dirt.  So easy, yet still so darn cute.

Buggy cake for my Buggy

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